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HELLO & WELCOME TO SWW... Meet New People, Make New Friends, Dating & Much More Please be pleasant to each other as well as the members. Have Fun & Be Safe*(This site or no one person is NOT responsible for any meetings, hook ups, get together, Dates, etc .... Anyone whom has questions, concerns, needs help, or needs to Report any/all issues please be sure to send a Private Message to the Admin. Thank you for Visiting, Feel Free to share this with everyone you know or whom might be interested. Your Admin JDL Global Exposure Business with JDL


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 Want to Get Laid

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PostSubject: Want to Get Laid   Want to Get Laid I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 8:34 am

You decided last night that you wanted to get laid, as you were working a night shift it was a no go, so you decided to get him out and give it a few quick strokes, unfortunately a very stunning Indian colleague walked into your office and caught you, as you tried to get him back you look up with an apology on your tongue only to find her watching you with a twinkle in her eyes and licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, which helps to make him harder and impossible to put him back.

Without any word from you she walks around your desk and kneels down on her knees, takes him from your hands and plants her mouth around your head and starts to suck you off, you let out a groan and automatically put your hands into her hair and it starts to fall into your lap, she is now sucking harder. Before you realise it you have cum and she is swallowing it greedily.
After you cum and without you realising it she has taken your tie from around your neck and tied your arms to your chair your belt was next, then your trousers.

She left you while she turned down the blinds and locked the door.
Coming back to you she slowly stripped making you hard and rigid, she then told you to slide to the edge of the chair, with your belt and a stunningly, beautiful smile on her face she started to swing. ‘CRACK’ you heard the sound before you felt where it landed, she did it again and demanded you keep you legs open, you did although it was difficult, and twice more it happened then she came over and knelt down in front of you and fondled where it was red and gave your balls a quick lick and suck.

She undoes your arms and orders you to get onto your desk on your back with your ass on the edge and to lift your feet and place them on the edge as well with your knees in the air.

Before She gets on top of you and faces away she finds your belt and tie and binds your lower legs to your thighs, sits on your cock, and takes all of you in one easy slick motion, you sigh and then feel her fingers enter your ass you start to struggle and then found out why she tied your legs to your thighs while she rides you she fucks your ass with her fingers. The sensation you get from her fingers being in you was electric and the way she was riding you well!!!
You couldn’t move so you held her ass and helped her move up and down then she started to grind on you and you felt the walls of her pussy tighten around you. She then started to pant and moan and you couldn’t hold back you exploded inside her, filling her.

You now watch your cum trickle down and out of her pussy and onto your balls creaming them, while the pressure and tightness of her walls is making you hard and ready.

The moment she starts to orgasm you are forced to cum again because the feel of her tight and constricting on your cock drives you insane, the control you have is lost as her moans, grinding and constricting get more and more forceful.  

After she has finished her orgasm she unties you and lets you sit up and put your feet down so you can get the blood flow back into them, you try to stand up and almost stumble because you have never had that many orgasms in such a short space of time, you feel lightheaded and a bit giddy so she pushes you back onto the desk, this time she gets onto her knees and sucks you off while you recover from your dizziness. The only problem is that she has got you that hard that fast and you aren’t used to this amount of stimulation that you have tried to cum again and you are not able to there is just nothing Cumming out of you.

You start to stutter and blush and when she has finished playing with you she reaches up, puts her hand on your mouth to quieten you, gets up off her knees and gives you the most stunning smile, leans over to you and says that she has drained you dry and that you were the most fun she has had in a very long time.

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Sexy Minx
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Sexy Mink
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Want to Get Laid
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