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HELLO & WELCOME TO SWW... Meet New People, Make New Friends, Dating & Much More Please be pleasant to each other as well as the members. Have Fun & Be Safe*(This site or no one person is NOT responsible for any meetings, hook ups, get together, Dates, etc .... Anyone whom has questions, concerns, needs help, or needs to Report any/all issues please be sure to send a Private Message to the Admin. Thank you for Visiting, Feel Free to share this with everyone you know or whom might be interested. Your Admin JDL Global Exposure Business with JDL


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 Mustang story

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PostSubject: Mustang story   Mustang story I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 8:31 am

As I take a short cut through the ally way I spotted you hunched over a vintage Ford Mustang, in black, it was the car I noticed first, sleek lines and the horse running  on the radiator and as I watched you, dressed in a black T shirt and jeans fitting your tight ass dreaming of running my hands down it, you swore and stuck your finger in your mouth, you then look over at me and start to apologise for your language, I walk over to you and ask whether I can help you in any way? You said that I could come with you into the back of your garage and help you bandage your thumb.

When we get there you then ask what’s under my nurses’ uniform, I told you that I wouldn’t tell you but show you instead but let’s get your finger seen to first. While you look for the bandage I start to slowly take off my clothing while you watch and forget all about your sore thumb, you go straight for your throbbing hard cock and sliding your hand up and down, I get on my stocking covered knees and put my mouth around the head of your cock and start to suck.

Just before you are about to cum you stand me up and bend me over the boot of your car and enter my ass hard and fast and after 2 strokes you are cumin filling my ass up with your seed, you are still fucking my ass and with 2 fingers entering my pussy gliding over my G spot sending electric shocks through my clit, you start to stroke my clit with your thumb.

As you feel the walls start to tighten around your fingers you pull out of my ass and insert your still hard cock into my pussy, Your fingers automatically enter where your penis has left, my orgasm is swift but intense, as you feel me start to cum over your cock you lose your control and deposit your seed into me again, I take wave after wave, greedily taking all of you.

You are now empty and laying on top of me, after a few protests from me you get off of me run your hand over my ass and slap me and tell me that I am a naughty little girl and that I needed to be punished. So taking me by the arm walking over to the workbenches to one side of your garage you clear the bench top, still holding on to my arm, you spy some rope which you tie both of my wrists together, you then tell me to lie down on the benches where you start to tie me to them. You are hunting for something and you notice my apron from my uniform and grab it, you then progress to blindfold me with it, still calling me a naughty little girl and flicking my breasts and nipples until they become hard pebbles.

I then hear you zip up your jeans but there is something else a clunking sound, I can’t make out and then a hissing noise and I realise that it is your leather belt you were wearing and taking off at that moment I start to get even wetter with the anticipation, I then hear a CRACK and then a sting around my pussy and another one I cry out, you do it twice more and both times I cry out, then I feel your lips around my slit, and your tongue slip out and into my pussy running it up and down turning me on.
Your tongue starts to  run up to my clit rubbing and sucking it making me wriggle, I try to pull your hair but forgot that my hands were tied to the bench, you then start to move your tongue up to my stomach dipping it into my belly button as if it were my pussy that you were tasting for the first time, where I squeal, your tongue then starts to move up and around my breast first one side then the other, you take your time before you suck my nipples into your mouth, you suck hard and bring them to even harder pebbles.

You start to move up to my collar bone kissing and licking all the way, you move along it and reach my neck where you start to suck and kiss and my moans start to get louder, I then feel your hands start touching my clit and before I realise you have entered me with 3 fingers and are rubbing my clit with your thumb, I feel your breath on my cheek you are whispering naughty things to me and I then hear you say that you want me to cum for you now. In that moment I just lost control that I didn’t realise I was holding and had the biggest and best orgasm I have had ever, by the time I had finished Cumming I was spent and limp. The aftershocks that I was having were just as intense but were lessening.

You helped me to dress and gave me a lift home as it was late, before I got out of the car you said to drop by anytime or stop if you see me working on the car for a chat....

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Sexy Minx
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Mustang story
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